Wood Fired Ovens a.k.a 'Pizza Ovens'

A very warm welcome to FIREBRICKOVENS.CO.UK
Our aim at Fire-Brick-Ovens is simply to make the wonderful cooking & social experience of owning an Outdoor wood fired oven affordable and available to both the DIY novice and expert builder alike.
If it’s an outdoor pizza oven (AKA wood fired ovens) you are researching then you have come to the right place. The UK has seen a lot of interest with outdoor cooking recently as seen on the many TV programmes
Within our site you will find details on how to build your own outdoor wood fired pizza oven...
If you already have your own pizza oven plans or wood fired oven plans, you can still get your wood fired oven materials from us.
We supply at very competitive prices items such as kiln bricks, insulation fire bricks, ceramic blankets, calcium silicate boards, crushed fire brick aggregate & refractory concretes.
We can even build your outdoor wood fired oven or roasting station for you at your home.
We also build bespoke fire pits and Pompeii/beehive pizza ovens
Like you, we have done a fair bit of research into the pros and cons of an average DIY competent person building his or her own pizza oven.
The main challenges most people seem to face who are embarking on a self build, are that they doubt if they have the time and skills to build the oven, not forgetting the very important base for it to sit on. Ideally your pizza or wood fired oven wants to be sat about one metre from ground level, on a sturdy fire proof Insulative base, you are not going to want to kneel down on the lawn to get the pizzas out of the oven are you?

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Financial Viability

The financial aspect can also present challenges to a lot of people’s budgets, the good news is you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds or employ expensive builders to enjoy the benefits of a real wood fired oven.
You can buy numerous “ready to go wood fired ovens or pizza ovens costing a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds.
Even if you opt for a readymade, refractory concrete oven, clay or terracotta pizza oven, often the problem is where to place and site it. Fire brick ovens are noted as the best for both heat retention and longevity.
Not only are our fire brick ovens easy to assemble they can be supplied with an optional, easy to assemble, attractive, heavy duty steel base for the oven to sit on.
Our sturdy steel framed base unit can be made to any specification you desire; we can incorporate stainless steel or tiled worktops into the design for that very important food prep area.
The Steel frame and base unit can also accommodate our firebrick BBQ & roasting


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