NewsFlash !! Smoking is good for you

You can also use your wood fired oven to smoke food.

Fish, meat bacon can all be easily smoked using your oven
If you place your food within the oven when you have a small fire going it will be hot smoked.
We recommend that you get a small fire going and chuck some damp shavings onto the fire such as oak, beech shavings,
(We have never used it but apple wood is supposed to be excellent)
Place a tray under the food that you are smoking, put the food on a grid (borrow the grill pan or oven grid)
Keep an eye on the smouldering fire to make sure it is smouldering and not flaming.
Another excellent way to use your wood fired oven is to use it as a cold smoker.
Quite simply you have the same kind of fire going as for hot smoking but the difference is the food is in another chamber. In our example, an oak barrel.

Here you can see a simple easily available metal hose we have attached to the chimney flue; the smoke is forced into an oak barrel that contains the mackerel and haddock. In about 4 hours (or longer depending on your taste) the fish will be infused with a nice taste of smoke. The food you smoke this way will still require cooking, the smoke just puts the flavour into it (and preserves it, not that we normally smoke food for that reason nowadays)

To preserve your relationship with the next door neighbours we recommend you check to see if they have the washing out before you try this; it’s a seriously smoky operation!

Barrel Smoker


Fish and meat products are smoked in a barrel by forced induction.


Try not to let the meat or fish touch to avoid any unsmoked areas



When was the last time you had smoked salmon that you couldnt see through !