A special refractory mortar paste is used to bond the firebricks together, you don’t need a brick layers trowel, just a spatula to bond the bricks.
Firebricks maintain much higher temperatures for long periods allowing more efficient combustion. Pizza wood ovens lined with firebricks retain their heat long after the fire is extinguished, more so when wrapped in an Insulative ceramic blanket. This is why Fire bricks are so popular with builders of wood fired pizza ovens. Firebrickovens.co.uk are able to supply all the materials you require.
If you decide to DIY it and get stuck we offer free email & telephone advice (only for people who have purchased the materials from us, then we will talk and spill the beans!)
If you can’t be bothered with the build but you want one of our wood fired ovens we will even send one of our fitting teams who will come out to your home and build it for you, just email us with your location and we will give you a fixed, competative price
From the oven to the final rendering it really is easy. You too can have a pizza wood fired oven in a weekend.